We all need resources on a research paper, blogs, news articles, manuscripts, novel, radio script, and any form of writing – it all needs inspiration and backup references. For that, we present some of the most credible sources for you; whether for research or an event, you are waiting for. Below you can surely find information gold that you could add to your research or presentation.

Journal of Elsevier – Social Science Research

The website is a haven for student researchers and teachers because it is devoted to publishing quantitative social science research and methodology. So, if you are looking for the following resources for research that you are currently working on, this is definitely something you should check on. The articles and journal features in this website will serve as a guide as to how one uses the quantitative methods of empirically test social science theory. Moreover, it is focused on research concerned with issues or methods used widely across traditional disciplinary subjects. The journal entries also concentrate on the methods employed or applied only in one particular social science discipline which can also be used or applied to a wide range of areas. The sample study includes “Shaping attitudes about homosexuality: The role of religion and cultural context” and “The role of administrative data in the big data revolution in social science research.”


Are you one of the researchers or students who is an enthusiast in attending seminars and conferences? Inomics is a website containing an updated list of events and information across the globe. When you click on the link, you will be redirected to the upcoming events under Sociology and Anthropology which RISM will participate in some. There are also useful descriptions, dates, and locations stated on the website and their corresponding contact information or data on how to join the chosen event.

Thompson Library

An open library for all. Thompson Library is an online reference containing catalog, e-books, and journals. A pool of book references, journals, research, thesis, and a whole lot more. It also covers a broad range of subjects, not just social sciences. They also have an online librarian chat functions to help you assist with your research. Try it, and you could be finding what you have long been looking for.

Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)

One of the most reliable online accesses to references and resources out there. MDPI is an academic publisher based in Basel, Switzerland. They also have offices in China, Spain, and Serbia making their research and journals wide and varied. There are over 100 of diverse scientific, open access, e-journals available for everyone. Of course, there is a corner of the website reserved for what we love the most – social sciences. Here, you can find free publications and well-constructed manuscripts ranging from a different year up to the present. One can also submit his/her research for the benefit of other researchers.

If you know more places on the World Wide Web that could be beneficial to the research or journal of our fellow researchers, please feel free to submit your links via our contact form.