RISM Library for Caribbean Research (LCR)

LCR or the Library of Caribbean Research and its participating organizations are focused on the social sciences and history of the English-speaking Caribbean. The published research and monographs include translations on French and Dutch Caribbean plus a smaller collection of the Hispanic Caribbean which primarily focuses on the Dominican Republic. Some of the major fields discussed are anthropology, sociology, politics and government, and economics.  Library of Caribbean Research also holds a collection under the Caribbean literature, education, and religion. It is also notable for its impressive technology in gathering facts and research, arts, pure sciences, language, and recreational and performing arts. Some of the included sub-topics in the research are medical sciences, agriculture, and related technologies; music; fine and decorative arts; the life, zoological, earth, and botanical sciences; English, French, and Spanish Creoles; and cricket and other ball games.

Moreover, the Library of Caribbean Research also keeps a record of other research subjects such as government documents, census, demographic, and other statistical reports and journals. All the main journals of the Caribbean are also included in the collections which are all published in the region. Additionally, the Library of Caribbean Research also has the necessary files on various research subjects included in papers, reprints, and photocopies of articles that cannot be in the library’s journal collection. There are also original and unpublished manuscripts, some major government documents, speeches, reports, political broadsides, tracks, and various print materials which all provide important supporting research information.

The holdings the Library for Caribbean Research has now been moved to the New York University Bobst Library (NYU) which was completed in 2006. The catalogs published materials and complementary collections are all available in the NYU’s online catalog. Should you wish to know more about the research and information aforementioned, then visit up NYUs website.