In 1995 Vera Rubin formed the Research Institute for the Study of Man, a non-profit organization for scientific and educational purposes to achieve its primary goals; RISM developed and implemented an extensive training, seminars, developed a collection of research, supported scholarly exchanges and publications, lead conferences, provided consultation services, and encouraged the development of information dissemination of basic knowledge in the behavioral sciences.

RISM has integrated multidisciplinary, cross-cultural studies of contemporary relevancy. The organization also conducted basic research projects of applied value and development and changed rapidly undertaking societies in collaboration with scholars and institutions from the subject country. Today, RISM has integrated approaches to a multidisciplinary study encompassing a wide range of problems, issues in the form of socio-cultural settings in other countries across the globe.



The Research Institute for the Study of Man, in cooperation with recognized and credited education institutions and government agencies, primarily aims to:

1) Encourage and promote the application of basic research and experimentation in the field of science, medicine, public health, psychiatry, anthropology, sociology, social psychology, and demography.

2) Makes grants of funds to scientific, education institutions, and government agencies, for students and for other individuals who are recognized as professionals in the means of ways of granting research permission, scholarship grants, and fellowship.

3) Give voluntary benefits such to recognized colleges, universities, and other frequent constituted education institutions; to give assistance and cooperate with the subject institutions through funding, facilities, and personnel for the sole purpose of educating, training both students and teachers related to the fields of scientific study aforementioned.

4) Disseminates research and information to the public and interested governmental agencies, religious groups, charitable networks, a scientific, literary, and educational institution at no cost using publishing it through public colleges, university libraries.

Today, RISM and its people stand firm with their mission to educate people and to continue with their research endeavor benefiting the subject society.