The Research Institute for the Study of Man participated in many research colloquiums and scholarly gatherings since 1995. Mainly, the purpose of the conference is to exchange information with a multi-cultural group for the purpose and benefit of their organization and other interested parties such as the local government, education, scientific, religious, and charity institution. Each conference covers a wide variety of the subject under the field of science, medicine, public health, psychiatry, anthropology, sociology, social psychology, and demography.

Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

An annual social sciences gatherings in the UK participated by over 3000 experts and delegates. Meet inspiring speakers and professionals as they join the event. RISM joined the event last year which helped expanding research horizons and collection of informational and beneficial information. The year’s theme of this event is “Integrating Social Sciences & Medicine for better understanding Communities & Health.” The event primarily aims to bring academic professionals such as sociologists, Social Scientists, Medical Sociologists, Social Science Researchers, practitioners, teachers, and students from all around the globe coming together in a conference. The conference is expecting to discuss and exchange disciplinary knowledge about social science, research on health, anthropology, economics, geography, demographics, psychology, social epidemiology, social policy, sociology, and health care practices.

International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies

Now celebrating its 6th conference on the 26th of April at Boston, USA, ICISSS aims to provide and engage discussion on critical interdisciplinary about social science issues that have effects on law, international relations, business management, psychology, criminology, sociology, and education. In this said event, academic-practitioner, consultants, scholars, researchers, policymakers will be given opportunities to share their papers, innovative ideas, research results, and discuss the challenges ahead or encountered by the said study. The event is being participated by over 2,500 participants yearly. RISM was also one of the active members joining the conference of knowledge sharing. Visit their website to learn more about what you can benefit from attending this conference.

Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)

CUR is an organization formed to serve undergraduates and faculty and get them to involve in research opportunities. Council on Undergraduate Research aims to enhance the department’s ability to teaching and contribution to society through active participation in research and by involving their undergraduate in the chosen field of study. CUR collaborates with local government agencies and foundations to help with the progress of conducting research and to be able to add opportunities for both faculty and students. CUR also provides support for all teachers, administrators, and students aiming to conduct development research.