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Research plays a vital role in society and people behind those who pursue their noble endeavors of empowering the grassroots community. The roles of researchers for years have been able to bridge the gap between idiocracy and aristocracy. By the terms mentioned, we are not pertaining to wealth, power, and money but rather the capability to understand what is happening around or the information that has a high impact on the lives of the people.

Research Institute for the Study of Man and its people dedicated its years contributing to the welfare of the society. RISM believes that there is a gap that needs to be filled by the people dedicated to work hard and unfold the mysteries unknown to man. There is still so much unknown about man, such as psychology, relationships, thought processes and patterns. Knowing more about yourself and your family, partner or even neighbors could help to improve relationships. If you happen to be suffering from a marriage we suggest you seek out the assistance of an esteemed certified relationship counselling vancouver psychologist. The organization has also come up with several publications and research valuable to the subject in research. In cases like the Sociocultural Factors in Fertility affecting Jamaican. The research was well renowned useful to the residents of Jamaica as the research discovered and factor out the risks infertility and possibilities involving and affecting the economy.

Research in Thailand on The Value of Children shows a significant result to the roles of the youth in the development of the country. The education, family, and other factors are also reasoned out in able to isolate beneficial results given in the study. The organization, once again, regardless of ethnicity, language, and culture, shall carry out its duties of bringing enlightenment and bridging the gap. In the 1970s research regarding Sociocultural Levels of Fertility in the Philippines lead by Dr. Wilhelm Flieger was conducted particularly in the provinces of Misamis Oriental and Leyte del Sur, and Negros Oriental and Capiz.  The increase in population and the possible solution was factored out in the study benefiting the residents in the said communities.

The person behind the organization, Vera D. Rubin, was born in Moscow and visited the United States in 1912 with her journalist father. She graduated summa cum laude from New York University majoring in French Literature. While being a good mother to her two children, she continued her studies at Columbia University majoring in anthropology with her lifelong friends Ruth Benedict, Julian Steward, and Margaret Mead. In 1952 Dr. Rubin received her doctorate in anthropology.

Today, the organization continues to contribute to the knowledge of man and collect research beneficial to the community. The research has a wide variation from societal situations and climate research. If you wish to contribute and send us your research, you may send us a message through our contact page.… Continue reading...